What to look for in a sprayer

What to look for in a sprayer

When it comes to the agricultural sector, considerations include covering a wide area, minimising chemical waste and saving on time. Motorised sprayers offer all that and more when it comes to efficiency and ease of use. Husqvarna motorised backpack sprayers, for example, are durable, reliable and simple to use – just right for applying pesticide, growth regulators or herbicide at regular intervals.

  1. Power and performance: A strong sprayer designed to ensure even and consistent application is essential to efficient agricultural work. Driven by powerful engines, Husqvarna sprayers come in a variety of models and offer constant pressure and consistent spraying.. The large mixture tank is made of see-through material, allowing you to see how much liquid is left in the tank at any time. The results? Faster work time, improved coverage, and increased productivity.

  2. High quality materials and technology: Sprayers that are well made and use the latest technology are less likely to breakdown or require extensive servicing. When you purchase a Husqvarna sprayer, you can be assured of the highest quality materials and most innovative design, resulting in increased functionality and lower service costs. Sprayer parts include a brass pump with plated pistons, efficient filters, stainless steel spray lance and an adjustable nozzle kit effective for use in various applications. Plus, Husqvarna’s Smart Start feature means the machine starts quickly with minimum effort. This reduces recoil cord resistance by up to 40%, resulting in quicker starts and combating user fatigue.

  3. Purposeful design: The development of agricultural tools has come a long way, revealing the best tools to be purpose-driven and versatile, adaptable to different situations and applications. Built to solve problems with efficient solutions, Husqvarna sprayers are rugged, multi-functional and dependable, making them suitable for a wide variety of users.

  4. Operator comfort. Long hours and difficult or vast terrain can make spraying hard work. It’s best to choose a sprayer that keeps user ease and comfort top of mind. Taking into account performance, durability and ergonomics, Husqvarna sprayers come with a comfortable, waterproof harness, complete with ventilated back padding, broad straps and soft grip handles, all designed to remove common causes of harm and encourage increased speed and efficiency. Plus, the durable harness material makes it easy to wash off any chemicals while the low weight allows for less strain meaning you can work for longer.


While motorised sprayers are more efficient for large areas and perfect for professional use across various landscapes and applications, manual sprayers have their place. Designed for spraying small amounts of chemical easily and accurately, they are perfect for targeted areas such as residential gardens.

If you’re looking for a manual sprayer, look for one that is easy to handle, use and store. Husqvarna handheld sprayers are durable, streamlined and ergonomically designed. They have a no-leak pump built into the handle and feature a pressure release valve allowing you to safely release the internal pressure prior to opening the sprayer to refill. Fitted with genuine Viton seals, the no-leak pump design is safe to use with wettable powders and liquids for all applications while the easy access pump means you can change seals in the field with no tools in just minutes

Husqvarna also offers compression and backpack sprayers that boast a durable reinforced PVC hose as well as integrated hose strain relief to reduce over-bending. The interchangeable nozzle system is suitable for numerous applications. You can also spray at multiple angles, using all the liquid in the see-through tank prior to refill, ensuring you use the correct ratios for a range of chemicals.

With a comfortable grip, low centre of gravity to prevent tipping, stable wand storage, lock-on feature and easy-to-clean filter, Husqvarna manual sprayers are easy to use, store and repair – no tools required.

Whatever the undertaking, a sprayer needs to be powerful, dependable and multi-functional, as well as designed for increased operator comfort and productivity. As a leader in developing reliable and innovative agricultural and garden tools, Husqvarna has developed a wide range of sprayers designed to meet the needs of any agricultural, commercial or residential landscape application in South Africa.
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